Teach Experience

Programme Model.

  1. Recruitment: High performing graduates from leading South African Universities are recruited
  2. Selection: demonstrated leadership, perseverance and courage determines selection and TEACH Ambassadors commit to a minimum of two years of service to the programme.
  3. Training Academy: Before their deployment to schools, TEACH Ambassadors are provided with an intensive, accelerated course on teaching techniques.
  4. Placement: Trained TEACH Ambassadors are placed in schools across the country
  5. On going support: Continuous support is provided over the two year period, in the form of mentorship, short courses in teaching techniques, leadership, and life skills.
  6. Alumni Network: The Alumni network fosters further opportunities to make an impact in the TEACH community and beyond.

Effective and Smart Partnerships.

TEACH South Africa and partners review all accepted TEACH Ambassadors credentials, along with other relevant information.