Alumni Community

Building a Community.

TEACH South Africa is building a force of leaders who have the perspective and commitment necessary to effect long-term, fundamental changes that will make South Africa a stronger, more successful nation.After their two years in the classroom, our TEACH Ambassadors will go on to work in a variety of fields. Many will continue to teach, while others will enter the private or public sectors.


The TEACH South Africa experience will have a significant impact on their lives, both personally and professionally. Through this intense personal challenge, they will develop an advanced set of leadership, communication, and problem-solving skills. At the same time, they gain an understanding of educational inequity and its solutions that is foundational for a lifetime of advocacy and civic leadership.

How It Works

Alumni build a network of colleagues, friends, learners, and learners families, who become an ongoing source of personal and professional support. TEACH South Africa will also facilitate networking to take place between alumni. For those who do not want to remain in teaching, TEACH Ambassadors will be facilitated in their search for employment by TEACH South Africa partners.  There are possibilities for some TEACH Ambassadors to receive employment at TEACH South Africa, if suitable vacancies arise.

Developing Legacies.

Innovative stories of Teach Ambassadors initiating extra curricular activities with their learners, within their schools or greater communities.